Titles in English

  1. Sir Colin Campbell: Narrative of the Indian revolt from its outbreak to the capture of Lucknow. Illustrated with nearly two hundred engravings from authentic sketches. London 1858 »
  2. Edward Money: The Wife and the Ward; or, A Life’s Error. London: Routledge, Warnes, & Routledge, 1859 »
  3. The history of the Indian revolt and of the expeditions to Persia, China, and Japan, 1856-7-8. W. and R. Chambers, 1859, 634 pgs
  4. ‘Nana Sahib; or, A story of Agmer’, Indian drama in three acts by F. Fenton and W. R. Osman. Licence sent 27 October 1863 for performance at the Victoria.
  5. Edward Daniel Hamilton Vibart: The Sepoy mutiny as seen by a subaltern: from Delhi to Lucknow. Smith, Elder & co., 1898, 308 pgs
  6. W. H. Fitchett: The Tale of the Great Mutiny. 1901 (?) » [Review, New York Times, 1.2.1902 »
  7. V. A. Stuart: The Sepoy mutiny. Kensington Publishing Corporation, 1973, 224 pgs

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